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Mission Statement: The mission of the Creative Arts Center is to inspire and promote local artist through a progressive art gallery, to promote the creative arts through community education, to provide a location for artist to display and sell their work, and to teach classes in their fields of discipline.


I grew up in an Italian-American household, in the suburbs of Detroit. I studied Art, Music, and Engineering in High School. I pursued a college degree in Mechanical Engineering, leaving to pursue my certfication in Professional Photography with the New York Institute of Photography.
I have been pursuing a professional photography career since 1987, and specialize in many areas of portraiture, including formal, and informal portraits, Seniors, families, children, glamour and boudoir portraits. I have operated my own business in photography since 1990, servicing clients in many area of portraiture, weddings and event, commercial, and industrial photography.
The Angier Creative Arts Center has been a long time goal of mine.





I was born and raised in small town in Oklahoma that you have never heard of. We had the Worlds Highest Hill, a Super Wal-Mart, and not much more. After years of teenage mischief I decided on a whim to join the Army and ended up in North Carolina. During my four years of service I met a girl with more tattoos than I had and married her. We got into urban exploring and my passion for photography emerged. Now I would like for nothing more than to take your picture!








Timothy G Cocciolone& Robert Charles Campbell 3rd

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